E-Commerce Website

Individual Project | UI/UX Exercise | WooCommerce Integration

While learning Web Design and UI/UX, EcoTravel was one of my first projects. WooCommerce is an important part of digital commerce, especially when used in conjunction with WordPress. As a result, learning to build such websites was critical for me. The website prioritizes User Experience over anything else, despite its rudimentary appearance.

The Importance of Ecological Travel

EcoTravel's mission is to promote and disseminate environmentally friendly modes of transportation. Bikes, electric scooters, and roller skates are perhaps the finest alternatives to traditional cars or public transportation.

Colour Palette

Fern Green

Elegant Black


Kombu Green



Typeface: Lobster


Typeface: Open Sans

The green tones contrast nicely with Elegant Black and plain White, emphasizing EcoTravel's natural objective.

The Lobster typeface is solely used for the logo since it represents the brand's creative and natural spirit. Open Sans is used across the website because it is a simple, yet effective typeface that is easy to read and scroll through.


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