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Faire le Fête, a rising sensation in the United Kingdom, is a long-term endeavour of mine. From creating their website in WordPress to assisting them in constructing a brand identity, I've helped them develop their vision in creating an unforgettable party experience. Their objective is to improve the party scene so that people may enjoy fantastic tech house music with their friends while finding something new with each new episode.


Faire le Fête will bring a new nightlife concept into your favourite venues. An electrifying combination of genuineness, spontaneity and enjoyment. We will be the ones who will change the vibe of your parties. A party in which people will remember not just the music and the dancing but also the experiences they had.

Colour Palette


Elegant Black

Royal Orange

Tan (Crayola)


Faire le Fête

Typeface: Orbitron

Techno Music

Typeface: Red Hat Display

Autumn Vibes

Typeface: Roboto

The White and Elegant Black colours are the only ones that will be used constantly. The other colours of the brand change with each upcoming event. For the Autumn Vibes events, the Royal Orange and Tan (Crayola) offered a taste of the season in regards to the event's aspirations.

The Orbitron typeface encapsulates the party feel of the Faire le Fête brand, while the Red Hat Display and Roboto typefaces offer a professional, yet familiar feel to their website and content.


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