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Imura is one of the most ambitious creative projects I've ever undertaken. My role on this project was to help my client create the realm of Imura, a dark fantasy world where he could continue to produce fantasy novels. I was able to construct a dark universe blending gothic and cosmic horror to create a horrific, yet intriguing setting by drawing inspiration from Kentaro Miura's "Berserk" and Andzrej Sapkowski's "The Witcher."

“Deep within the University of Fear, Nalerdenn, lies a decrepit grand library. One may peruse its vast collection of hallways and shelves, which are filled with ephemera from the distant past. One such scroll can be found in the library’s most obscure nook, abandoned and forgotten. The narrative it carries – The Legend of the Umbral Veil – bears the secret to Imura’s salvation.”

- The Legend of the Umbral Veil -

“For hundreds of years, the Blight has inexorably eaten life in Imura. Because the Tsar’s authority and power are inextricably linked to the Umbral Veil, it is incredibly difficult for Imurans to eradicate the Blight. Because this is not the first time that this corruption has emerged, the land is waiting for another Nameless Hero to arrive and save Imura. Or, in this case, a band of heroes.”

The Emergence of the Blight

“The Strakhult have made the use of magic unlawful across Imura. Every user of magic is condemned as a heretic and is likely to be executed. These executions are carried out by a church sub-division: The Inquisition of Strakhult. As the Strakhult and the Inquisition have significant power in the region, burnings and hangings are common events in Imura. Those who identify and expose witches are rewarded through Sinners’ Folly, an incentive program. […]”

The Strakhult

“[…] As she died, nearly all Von Emmerichs began to mutate into horrible beasts, their degenerative nature spilling from their molded forms. Costache died of old age after the tragedy, and the aristocratic family fled to the safety of their fortress, never exhibiting their grotesque visage in public again.”

The Von Emmerich Bloodline

[…] When everyone else had fallen, only he arose. With him, Imura was enveloped in a thick layer of blackness. In the end, Dorin was victorious. A master of the Umbral Veil, he conquered and expelled the Hannoken from his country with his supernatural strength. However, there is always a cost. As a result, Dorin was reduced to nothing but a shell of his former self; the mere mention of his name causes people to shiver. In the end, he defeated his opponents, but he has left Imura in a constant state of turmoil, which he now governs. His realm has fallen into darkness for hundreds of years, and he has watched from his seat of power during all that time. Because of him, the Blight is upon the world.”

Dorin Dinescu’s Legend

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