March of the Living Dead

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March of the Living Dead is a supplement for an upcoming miniature set developed for the greatest roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons. My involvement in this project was to create the lore attributed to creatures from which the miniatures would be made. My foundation for this project came from Bram Stoker's iconic horror tale "Dracula," from which I pulled the dreadful ambiance that anyone would experience upon viewing such abominations.

“More than a century has passed since the Battle of Hollow Hills and the Zombie Lord Grayson has finally risen from the grave. He used to take pride in his work as a necromancer, but now days he is a vile and decaying monster. However, using his expertise in the dark arts and unfathomable power, he plans to exact his vengeance on the living in retaliation for his denial of rule.”

- The Zombie Lord -

“Zombie Watchers were the very first monsters brought into service by the former necromancer while the Zombie Lord was amassing his armies in preparation for the advent of his horde. These terrible creatures are mindless servants that have been reanimated from the bodies of beholders that have passed away. They have no memory of who they were when they were alive.”

The Zombie Watchers

“[…] The cardinal, who had before been a major religious figure in Hollow Hills, was drunk with power. He betrayed the confidence of the people by becoming involved in sinister practices. Everything came to a head when the King’s Guard discovered a ritual using the black arts. It was during this ritual that the cardinal was apprehended and put to death. The once devout individual, who is now known as the Juju Zombie Cardinal, accompanies the Zombie Horde as it works toward its goal of eradicating the world of the living.”

The Zombie Cardinal

“These horrifying creatures of the Underworld, the minions of Persephone, have found a way to become entangled with the Zombie Horde. Even though the Zombie Lord does not have direct power over them, witnesses have reported seeing the Insatiables of the Underworld providing assistance to the rotting army. They are heartless beings, capable of devouring not just flesh and blood, but even the very light that surrounds them. […]”

The Insatiables

“As the wail of the last slain demon echoes through the lands of Hollow Hills in the aftermath of the demonic invasion, something long dead stirred with anger. The Necromancer rises from his grave once more, grieving for the loss of his love. 

His deceased minions, awaken as undead horrors with a purpose to bring judgement to the living who wronged him and his beloved Queen Abigail, and claim rule to this forsaken kingdom. 

The time has come, the Living Dead are marching once more!”

March of the Living Dead

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