May 2022


Portfolio Car Sharing/Carpooling App Business Project | UI/UX | Landing Page | SEO Conversion Cruze was my first project at my present workplace, Creative Motion. It was a technical challenge to demonstrate my ability to integrate solid UI/UX principles while also designing a very SEO friendly Landing Page. The wave pattern was used to separate …

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Portfolio Imura Client Project | Creative Writing | Worldbuilding | Fantasy Writing Imura is one of the most ambitious creative projects I’ve ever undertaken. My role on this project was to help my client create the realm of Imura, a dark fantasy world where he could continue to produce fantasy novels. I was able to …

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Portfolio E-Commerce Website Individual Project | UI/UX Exercise | WooCommerce Integration While learning Web Design and UI/UX, EcoTravel was one of my first projects. WooCommerce is an important part of digital commerce, especially when used in conjunction with WordPress. As a result, learning to build such websites was critical for me. The website prioritizes User …

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